SEICOM the name is in reality an abbreviation, the name is the short form of ‘SREENIVASA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE OF COMMERCE’. The name itself stands tall and is pronounced after’ COMMERCE’ in the temple town. It’s a one man’s dream, started with a tutorial institute; SEICOM now is one amongst the most sought after educational institutions at the foot of the seven hills. SEICOM stands mighty with its two branches namely at Tirupathi and Kalikiri having a variety of academic and professional courses to offer and thousands of students obtain their graduation and under graduation degrees every year.

About Chairman

Dr.T.Surendra Natha Reddy,
(M.Com, M.A. (Eco),M.A.(Edu.,) MBA, B.Ed., Ph.D),
Founder and Chairman, SEICOM colleges

Dr. T. Surendranatha Reddy, a well known educationist, an active social worker, an ever encourager and follower of sports and a never tiring philanthropist. Dr. Reddy who has a row of degrees against his name has mastered every course that came across, a man who always believes in hard work and whose name itself is a synonym for success. Dr. Reddy established SEICOM with a unique and a dedicated insight of making education even affordable to all the students irrespective of what background they come from, that’s why one could a mixture of a student community at the Institution.Two things are commonly noticed at SEICOM, one is the mixture of the student community and the second common thing one could easily notice is one man running class after class barefooted throughout the SEICOM premises, yes, he is the man behind SEICOM and is proudly called by every SEICOMITE as ‘SEICOM SIR’. The man who has given everything for SEICOM and education, when asked Dr. Reddy instantly says he is less of a chairman and more of a teacher/lecturer.

The President

Smt. B. Jayalakshmi,

The lady who stands as the back bone of the Institutions and under her able guidance and administration SEICOM has been achieving tremendous success for the last 40 years and stands second to none in the field of education and sports, while Dr. Reddy runs around the two branches and is busy nurturing the future citizens of the country, the entire administration is directed by Smt. B. Jayalakshmi, whose motto is excellence in education and all round development of every student and drives the insight that ‘ A nation is known by its people and people are known by their education’. Madam has done her masters in Economics and also holds a masters degree in education from Sri Venkateswara University.

The Director

Mr. T. Praneeth Swaroop,

Who has done his masters in International management from UK, is being an able administrator and proved to be a worthy son of his well efficient parents, keeping alive the reputation which was built over a period of 40 years and maintaining the same standards in the present competitive world is not an easy task, but the toughest task seems to be an easy one when it is on the young and able shoulders of Mr. Swaroop, who has a dream of driving in the corporate values into the present education system and brings in all his overseas experience in making his dream turn into a reality.

The Director

Mr. T. Teja Swaroop

who has his Masters in Business Administration from ICFAI and also Masters in Directing from Los Angeles, is balancing a perfect blend of both education and his passion for Direction.His perfection can be known through the awards he has received , Dada Saheb Phalke award, Hollywood short reels award, Bangalore short reels award, Kolkata short reels award, Ugadi puraskar. His contributions to SEICOM are an asset to the institution for its growth and development.